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Blue Dragon Healing

Deep Relaxation & Empowerment

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Transformational Empowerment

Hypnosis is a highly focused mental state that is achieved through trance induction. Peripheral awareness is reduced & you are allowed to become fully absorbed in a realm of surreal relaxation, making this technique incredibly effective in bringing about positive neuroplastic changes in your brain. Working with Hypnotherapy can allow you to quickly & naturally make astounding shifts in your perceptions of any less than positive thoughts, experiences, or beliefs you feel are the cause of resistance in your life. Hypnosis is the perfect natural transformational tool for "getting out of your own way" & unlocking your highest potential as a conscious being.

Hot Stone

Melt Into Bliss

Hot Stone Massage incorporates the wonderful element of thermal therapy to your massage experience. The addition of heat allows your tissues to loosen up and become easier to access without using too much pressure. One pass with a hot stone is equal to a thousand passes with a warm hand. Hot Stone is ideal for addressing Sciatica, limited range of motion & other sports related injuries, without needing to apply painful amounts of pressure on the problem area. A gentle yet effective approach at opening up your soft tissues, allowing for improved circulation.

Deep Tissue

Balance The Body

Deep Tissue massage is likely the most popular modality. It feels SO good to have the tightest areas of your body receive special attention from an intuitive & well-trained therapist. Deep tissue has many therapeutic benefits for your mood & health, primarily through the release of built-up tension in muscle tissues. Heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels are reduced as the body relaxes under deeper pressure. Deep Tissue massage is also known to release serotonin, which helps to fight anxiety & depression, and even gives you a better night's sleep.

Fire Cupping

Activate The Healer Within

Fire Cupping is a special technique that uses suction instead of compression. Using suction to manipulate blood flow & soft tissue has numerous benefits, such as reducing physical pain, expediting natural detoxification, and calming the nervous system. The aim of this treatment is to assist the naturally occurring functions of your circulatory & immune systems, which are two of the primary tools your body uses to heal itself from within. Fire Cupping is a wonderful remedy for circulatory stagnation and relieves myofascial tension throughout the body. Treatment may leave visible marks that take a few days or weeks to disappear.

Sensory Therapy

Calm The Mind

Our senses play a large role in creating our perceived reality. When we intentionally introduce certain sensory frequencies, subtle changes occur in our brain's chemistry. These chemical & neurological changes have influence over our emotions & stress level. Paying close attention to the subtle effects of sensory therapy makes for an effective way to become fully present & can even help to advance your overall sensory processing ability. Color, Sound, Aroma & Touch are used in expert combination to create a new experience of the same reality.

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